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What we stand for: The DNA of Forton-Events

Inge has a passion for people and for her city. She combines that passion with empathy, enabling her to quickly identify the preference and expectations of each of her customers who visit Antwerp. Whether you are a casual tourist, a family with children, a group of colleagues or a bachelor party, that passion for people and Antwerp makes everyone feel ‘at home’ and after their visit, fondly remember their time in Antwerp.
Inge combines this passion for people with the organizational experience she acquired in her 18-year career at a large IT company as project manager. So tailor-made events for large groups are planned, organized and executed flawlessly.
As Sinjoor (native of the centre of Antwerp), Inge has built up an enormous network in Antwerp. Inge literally knows everyone in the tourism industry in Antwerp and everyone knows Inge.

So if it is possible in Antwerp, Inge can arrange it for you.

These 4 cornerstones form the DNA of Forton-Events and its employees, and guarantee a professional organization and many great memories of your fun time together in Antwerp.

Best regards,

Inge Forton

Inge Forton